Arborg Hotel

Eldhús Restaurant

Inspired by the previous Arborg Hotel buildings the restaurant has been appropriately named Eldhús. Eldhús is the Icelandic word for kitchen or more literally can be broken into "Eldur" (fire) "Hus" (House) which is ironic considering the Arborg Hotel has burned down twice! Hopefully this will end the jinx.

Eldhús is a casual family restaurant, with menu selections that change seasonally, located on the lower level of the hotel, seats 30 guests inside with a large patio open during summer months. We offer something for every member of your family for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Eldhús is also available for take out. Call today at 204-376-5448 ext 2.

Hours of Operation

MON - SUN 11am - 8pm
SAT - WED 11am - 8pm
THU 11am - 9pm
FRI 11am - 12am